Change a Flat Quickly and Easily

Getting a flat can turn a simple drive into a dangerous ordeal. Next time you get a flat tire, be sure to remember to keep safety first.

- Always travel with a good spare tire in your car. If you get a flat, you should park your car on a level spot, away from oncoming traffic. If you are on a busy highway, only attempt to change your tire if the shoulder is wide enough or you can pull far off of the road. 

- While driving on a flat can cause damage to the rim, it is better to do this than to risk changing a tire in an unsafe area. If you do need to drive on a flat, try to pull out of traffic. Use the emergency lane if there is one. Use your hazard flashers. Don’t drive over ten miles per hour, as your steering may be altered also.

- Once you are in a safe place to change your tire, put your car in park or in first for a manual transmission. Use the parking brake and take your keys with you. 

- Follow your car manufacturer’s instructions for changing a flat. Be sure to complete each step and tighten all bolts correctly. When changing your tire, never place your hands or arms underneath the raised tire.

- If you are replacing your tire with a temporary spare, follow the safety restrictions carefully. Most are only rated for a certain speed and distance, allowing you to get to a service center that can repair or replace your tire. 

- A dry run is always a good idea. Whenever you get a new car, practice changing your tire, so that you will know where all of your equipment is and the proper procedures to follow. If you feel that you are not up to the task, consider joining an auto club that will provide you with roadside assistance.

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