He Has Been Singing the Blues for Decades – Hear the Favorites Performed Live Next Thursday

Grit and groove. Tone and taste. When it comes to Ray Wylie Hubbard's storied catalog, it all goes back to those four elements. It's his secret to the vast majority of his signature sound and style. Now, see the legendary musician perform his unique blend of grit, groove, tone and taste at Discovery Green in Houston next Thursday night.

In many respects, Hubbard is a modern-day bluesman. Had he been born at the turn of the century, he'd have been running around with the legendary Mississippi Delta blues players. With that as his sturdy foundation, he's found a way to both expand and grow while maintaining a sense of respect and loyalty to the rich American roots music of the last century.

If anything, Hubbard's been a student just as much a devout fan. So many of Hubbard's best works, Delirium Tremolos, Eternal & Lowdown, and The Grifter's Hymnal, find Hubbard delivering albums that are uniquely him, but dosed with the best features of his favorite artists.

One of Hubbard's most underrated qualities has been his ear for talented collaborators. For most of his career, Hubbard's work with drummer Rick Richards, bassist George Reiff, guitarist and producer Gurf Morlix and in recent years, Hubbard's son Lucas Hubbard, has produced some of the best sounding albums. There's a sonic landscape that Hubbard and company work within that never falls flat, sounds boring or dated. Even Hubbard's albums of the late '90s and early '00s sound as if they were recorded today. They're timeless in this way.

Make plans now to see the incredible Ray Wylie Hubbard at Discovery Green next Thursday night! This event is part of the Thursdays Concerts series. Admission is free. This is a family-friendly concert that is open to all. Food and beverages will be available for purchase on-site.

At The Heights at Harper’s Preserve Apartments in Conroe, Texas, we pride ourselves on informing our residents about all the upcoming events our beautiful community has to offer. Don’t hesitate to join this event on Thursday!

Event Time/Date:
Thursday, June 13, 2019—8:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Discovery Green
1500 McKinney Street
Houston, Texas 77010

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