Get Your Musical Theatre Fix with the Kiddos During The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley

The beloved children's book written by Jeff Brown, Flat Stanley, is a literary and pop culture phenomenon, delighting readers around the world. And now, everyone's favorite two-dimensional hero has a new life in The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley. Filled with infectious songs and non-stop adventure, Flat Stanley is a perfect show to introduce young performers to the magic of live theatre, and it’s coming to the Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston on Monday, March 16th.

During the play, you’ll learn the story of Stanley Lambchop, who is an ordinary, everyday ten-year-old until the bulletin board on the wall above his bed comes loose and falls right on top of him. The next morning, Stanley wakes up flat. In a whirlwind musical travelogue, Stanley — the ultimate exchange student — scours the globe for a solution to his unusual problem. He's stamped, posted and canceled from Hollywood and France to Honolulu and beyond, all in an effort to become a three-dimensional boy once more.

Stanley’s journey takes him all across the globe, to many interesting locales, filled with lots of colorful characters, which make for great casting opportunities. Don’t miss out on your chance to catch The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley when it plays at Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston March 16th to April 4th!

The venue for this performance, MATCH or the Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston—more commonly known as MATCH— was created to provide a home for a broad spectrum of Houston’s arts. With 4 performance spaces, 3 rehearsal studios, 3000 square feet of gallery space, and offices for up to 60 arts professionals, it promises to be a creative collaboration, unlike anything Houston has ever seen. Tickets for this performance, and all performances, are available at

At The Heights at Harper’s Preserve Apartments in Conroe, Texas, we find it important to attend events that stray from your typical routine. With that being said, we hope that this event will add something unique to your day. Be sure to check it out on Monday.

Event Time/Date:
Monday, March 16, 2020—10:30 AM

Event Venue Location:
Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston
3400 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002

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